Surgical Gown with Towel - Suresafe50 (Sterile)


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Health Technology Supplies Perth, WA offers the SureSafe50 standard surgical gowns are made from 5-layer polypropylene materials with anti-static and fluid resistance.

Three layers of spunbond polypropylene ensure an extraordinary flexibility and drapeability, provide tough abrasion resistance and cloth like feel. The two layers of meltblown polypropylene forming an exceptional microbial barrier against bacteria.


  • 5-layer anti static breathable fabric - SMMMS
  • Compliance AAMI Level 3 - EN 13795 - Full Coverage
  • Fluid repellent
  • Excellent microbial barrier
  • Excellent physical barrier to contaminants/fluids
  • Stronger fabric, matt finish, resistance to tears
  • Softer fabric with comfort inside and outside
  • Generous cut
  • Velcro neck binding
  • Book fold
  • Sterile individually packed

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