Spacelabs are the pioneers in medical telemetry that helped enable the first American spacewalk and the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing. Spacelabs Healthcare designs and manufactures acute care patient monitoring, diagnostic cardiology, and clinical networking solutions for use in hospitals, medical clinics, and physician offices. They provide patient monitoring solutions for critical, sub‑acute, and perioperative care areas of the hospital, providing caregivers with timely patient information. The diagnostic cardiology systems include Holter recorders and analysers, ambulatory blood pressure monitors, electrocardiography (ECG) devices, stress event data management systems and related software and services. Health Technology Supplies are proud to be the exclusive suppliers of all Spacelabs equipment in WA.

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SPACELABS - Sentinel 11 Software

Spacelabs CardioExpress SL6A& SL12A

Spacelabs Holter - LifeCardCF

Spacelabs Holter Monitor - EVO