We maintain a secure warehouse facility in Bassendean, WA where we house stock to cover the needs of our customers for several months in most cases. In addition, we offer warehousing and distribution services to third party companies.

If you’re an out of state supplier looking to get a solid foot holding in WA without the setup costs for warehousing and staff let us take care of that for you and be confident that as a medical supplier ourselves we understand the quality and timeliness required better than most in supporting the Healthcare sector.

  • We offer and overnight delivery as standard and special as needed.
  • We are very experienced with sterile stock and tracking requirements and can work with whatever system required.
  • We currently have 3PL clients and can offer a pick and pack option or a full 3PL integration with the hospitals if required.


To discuss our logistics services please call Greg Kelley (08) 9477 5077