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Health Technology Supplies Perth, WA offers a red warning sleeve to protect arms from medical errors.

Recommended use;

- Any arm that should not be used for medical procedure
- Post mastectomy/lymphadenectomy
- AV fistula
- Pre and post PICC line placement
- Trauma (burns, wounds, injuries, pain etc).


  • Bright red – visual reminder - the universal colour for STOP
  • Fits comfortably over the forearm 
  • Latex free material
  • Non-compressive fit
  • NoNo Sleeve logo is located at the bottom of the arm for maximum visibility and allows the patient/clinician to write their name and circle the affected side
  • Available in regular (one size fits most) and bariatric (for larger arms)
  • Single-patient-use with the option to launder and wear to next visit

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