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Health Technology Supplies Perth, WA offers the Spacelabs EVO digital recorder which combines the latest Holter technology with improved patient comfort and ease of use. The small unit weighs only 71 grams and can be easily concealed under clothing, which may enhance compliance.

Its realtime builtin ECG display lets you confirm the quality of the ECG during hookup. You can choose up to 48 hours of recording, with pacer detection always switched on. You can be assured of getting a high quality recording to facilitate your diagnosis.

EVO has its own docking station with Dynamic Energy Source technology that enables EVO to fully recharge during data download. The recorder is then immediately available for the next patient. EVO provides low cost of ownership due to the elimination of disposable batteries, memory cards, with no moving parts to maintain and individual lead wires for easy and less costly lead replacement.


  • ECG Input
  • Cable types 3 channel 4 electrodes, with detachable lead wires
  • Sampling rate 2048 samples per second per channel
  • Data storage
  • Media type 128 Mbyte non-volatile internal memory
  • Data types full disclosure ECG, with pacing and patient event markers, recording time and date, patient ID
  • Pacemaker Pulse Detection
  • Sensitivity 2 mV nominal, in all channels
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Dimensions 92 x 45 x 15mm (3.62 x 1.77 x 0.59in)
  • Weight recorder body 72g (2.5oz) including Dynamic Energy Source
  • User Interface
  • Clock and calendar
  • Ancillary features shows Dynamic Energy Source status before the recording starts
  • Hook-up display real time display of each channel, in high resolution and pacing annotation
  • Docking Station available but not included in price listed, this is an accessory item
  • Compatibility USB 2.0 compatible

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