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Health Technology Supplies Perth, WA offers the Easy Wrap Patient Gown which has a unique design that securely wraps around the back of the patient and ties at the front. Velcro arm tabs for easy shoulder and neck access.

Available in sizes M, XL, XXL 


  • Gown has extra fabric that is non see-through, soft and durable and has extra anti-static. Like all of our gowns, the fabric is fire-retardant and recyclable.
  • Extra fabric wraps around the back and covers the patient so they do not feel exposed. Great for getting patients up and moving.
  • Front easy-tie is great for patients with compromised mobility. Patients can tie as loose or as tight as they like to suit their level of comfort.
  • Velcro tabs are a welcome alternative to buttons that often go missing and are time consuming to use. Great easy access and easy fastening for clinicians.
  • Dark Blue
  • 45gsm softened SMS

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