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The TouchDRY Breathable Absorbent Pads are a white, soft flat sheet with an absorbent layer and a waterproof breathable underside that stops fluid getting through to equipment below and wicks away moisture to protect the patient’s skin. Designed to be breathable and to manage climate control and preserve skin integrity.


  • Three layers of protection 
    1. Soft, non-woven air-permeable top layer is gentle on healthy skin as well as skin of the very young to the very old plus vulnerable and fragile skin during periods of illness.
    2. The super absorbent inner layer allows body fluids to be taken away from the skin. The fluids are locked in the inner layer to keep skin dry.
    3. The breathable, waterproof backing assists the containment of fluid for safe disposal.

Three Options

TouchDRY 90cm x 60cm

  • Size: 90cm L x 60cm W
  • Absorbent area: 80cm L x 55cm W
  • Maximum absorbency: 1.73 litres
  • 60/box

TouchDRY 190cm x 90cm with Wings

  • Size: 190cm L x 90cm W incl. wings 
  • Absorbent area: 85cm L x 85cm W
  • Maximum absorbency: 2.3 litres
  • 60/box

TouchDRY Plus 90cm x 90cm

  • Size: 90cm L x 90cm W
  • Absorbent area: 80cm x 80cm
  • Maximum absorbency: 5.2 litres
  • Each pad weighs 212 grams
  • Designed for thicker fluids
  • 40/box 

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