Skinman 90 Hand Wash Alcohol Base Surgical Rub


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Health Technology Supplies Perth, WA offers the Skinman 90 which contains 90% w/w Ethanol in a water clear solution and is an antiseptic hand rub for surgical hand disinfectant. Skinman 90 meets TGA and European guidelines for use as both a pre-surgical hand rub and hygienic hand rub.


  • Achieves 99% reduction in resident skin flora on initial 90 second application
  • Provides sustained microbial reduction under gloves for a period of 3 hour
  • Improved skin compatibility - Alcohol preparations have clearly demonstrated superior skin compatibility, whereas aqueous based (Povidone-Iodine & Chlorhexidine) solutions are known to be associated with skin irritation
  • Skinman 90 offers a waterless, brush free scrub free which reduces skin abrasions and lowers risk of infectivity with minimal skin reactions on sensitive skins
  • supports environmental management initiatives: eliminating the need for scrubbing brushes, rinsing with water, or drying hands post application with sterile towel as the alcohol air dries
  • Available in 1L bottle or 1.2L dispenser bottle (1L single unit/box(6)/carton(12) or 1.2L single unit/box(4)/carton(8))

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