Hand Wash ENDURE 102 Skin Sensitive pH5.5 1.2L


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Health Technology Supplies Perth, WA offers Endure 102 which is an ultra mild formulation that is suitable for high frequency hand washing and patient bathing applications.


  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Specifically formulated for high frequency washing.
  • Balanced formulation pH5.5. Contains aloe vera and emollients to protect the skins condition.
  • Saves money, more than 1800 hand wash applications in each pod, less than 2 cents per wash.
  • Available in a box of 4 (1.2L refill dispenser containers) or a carton of 8 (1.2L refill dispenser containers) 

Hand hygiene is an integral part of any infection control program and should be accessible in all areas for all health care workers, patients and visitors.

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