Cocoon Intraoperative Warming Blanket - Paediatric Lower Body


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Health Technology Supplies Perth, WA offers the Cocoon warming blankets which are specially designed to prevent hypothermia and maintain normothermia. They are designed to be used with Care Essentials Convective Patient Warming Machine.

Cocoon patient warming provides effective and safe temperature management for infants and children in any medical environment. Gentle warming through microscopic perforations keeps infants and children safe. 

There is a wide range of Cocoon Warming Blankets from general intraoperative to sterile cardiac, paediatric, specialty access and underbody warming blankets. If you are searching for a specific blanket please contact us and we can send you a brochure and sample. 

Paediatric Lower Body 
Size: 62 x 93cm 
Hose ports: 1
Blanket to be placed on top of the patient.
Single use
Price/Carton (10)


  • Made from soft, comfortable and light-weight non-woven fabric
  • All materials used in the blankets are latex free
  • Unique microscopic perforations provide uniform air distribution without the risk of residue
  • Universal inlet port ties ensure the hose remains firmly in the blanket
  • The ties and strong fabric allows the use of same blanket on the patient from pre-warming through surgery to recovery
  • This particular blanket is used in some veterinary practices in Perth 

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